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2nd July 2014

Fish for health!

If the huge variety of sports events this summer is making you think about getting just a little bit fitter, it’s great to know that eating fish can help make your diet healthier, get your body into better shape and even sharpen up your thinking! 

If you already train for sports or just enjoy exercise, you’ll know that part of being fit is eating healthily. There’s no point playing a hard game of football or running a marathon if you celebrate afterwards with chips and chocolate cake. The players in the current football World cup or on the Wimbledon courts, the cyclists taking part in the Tour de France and the athletes training to compete in the Commonwealth Games, all know that a good diet makes mind and body work much more efficiently.

So if these great sporting spectacles are making us think about getting into better shape, a really good starting point is changing the way we eat. Fish is one of the foods that’s packed with nutrients and it can play a vital part in helping your body rise to any sporting occasion, whether it’s international competition or a local game of footie.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, already have a training habit, or indeed are a serious athlete at competition standard, check out this article by registered dietician and nutritionist Juliette Kellow, as she shows how increasing your seafood intake can make your workout work harder for you!