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Fish is the food of the moment! The nutritional and health benefits of fish and shellfish are promoted more and more through the media – fish is good for you, and the fact it tastes so good is a definite bonus. But we all know that stocks have been reduced and we have to balance our enthusiasm for eating it with a responsible attitude to protecting and sustaining our fish populations.

One of the best ways of doing this is to eat the fish of the moment – the varieties that are in season at a given time of year, when stocks are plentiful. This way, you enjoy fish at its freshest – in prime condition and full of flavour.

Take a look at the Seasonality Chart below, then take your pick.

Seasonality Calendar

Item Alternatives Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Anchovy Sardine
Bass Wild Bass Farmed
Brill Turbot
Bream Black Bream Gilt
Bream Gilt Bream Black
Cod Pollock
Coley Whiting
Cuttlefish Squid
Dab Plaice
Dover Sole Lemon Sole
Haddock Hake
Hake Haddock
Herring Mackerel
John Dory
Lemon Sole Megrim Sole
Ling Pollock
Mackerel Sardine
Megrim Sole Lemon Sole
Mackerel Sardine
Mullet Grey Hake
Mullet Red Gurnard
Octopus Cuttlefish
Plaice Lemon Sole
Pollock Haddock
Salmon Wild Sea Trout
Sardine/Pilchard Mackerel
Sea Trout Salmon Wild
Skate Ray
Swordfish Tuna
Tuna Swordfish
Turbot Brill
Whiting Haddock
Clams Cockles
Cockles Clams
Langoustine Crayfish
Oyster Native
Oyster Pacific